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Law Exchange Ltd provides transcriptions from audio to text, from interviews, documentaries, police reports to general subjects.
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Transcription Services
Whether you want us to transcribe information from an audio file to a text format in the same language or a different language, our transcription specialists will ensure you get an accurate text record. There are 2 methods of delivering transcriptions:
  • The audio file is transcribed in the source language
  • The transcribed text is translated into the target language
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Audio to text transcriptions

You can submit your audio files for transcription work in a number of media formats including:
  • DVD video
  • CD audio
  • Cassette tapes
  • VHS tapes
You can also rely on us for official document translation.
Audio to text transcriptions
Do you have audio files that need to be transcribed? Contact Law Exchange Ltd for legal and medical transcriptions from audio to text in over 100 languages.

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