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Translation and Interpreting

Interpreting and translation rates

Translation rates are based on:
  • Word count - A basic rate per thousand words or a minimum charge
  • Language - Different rates for European, Asian, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern languages
  • Subject matter - specialised text is charged at a higher rate
  • Deadlines - Additional charge for urgent turnaround time
Interpreting Rates: 
  • Court interpreting rates are charged per full or half day, plus travel expenses. 
  • Business, medical and community interpreting rates are charged per hour (minimum charge of 2 hours) plus travel time and expenses. 
  • Conference interpreting rates are charged per full day.

Translation rates

Transcription and certification rates

The price for transcription is charged: 
  • By the minute of audio
  • Based on the number of speakers
  • Based on the quality of the recording
The fee varies for solicitors, notary publics, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Embassy legalisations.

Law Exchange Ltd is based in London, but we serve clients worldwide.
Transcription and certification rates
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