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Face to Face
British Sign Language

At Law Exchange Ltd we focus on bridging the gap between the speaker and the listener by providing experienced and specialized interpreters to ensure a flawless and accurate interpretation of what is being relayed.
Telephone British Sign Language

Comprehensive interpreting services

Law Exchange Ltd offers a host of interpreting services: 
  • Consecutive interpreting in courts, police stations, hospitals and business meetings
  • Simultaneous interpreting at multilingual conference plus conference equipment
  • Telephone interpreting
  • British Sign Language interpreting
interpreting services
Our interpreting rates are generally based on a half day or a full day rate. Conference interpreting rates are based on a full day rate. Telephone interpreting rates are based on a minimum charge and/or hourly rate. Contact us at or send your enquiry via the form below.

Experienced and Multilingual Interpreters.

At Law Exchange Ltd we are able to provide you with the services of experienced and friendly interpreters who are proficient in European, Middle Eastern, Asian and Far Eastern languages, as well as in some dialects.

To deliver a high standard and accurate interpretation, our interpreters are trained in understanding, grasping and conveying the subject matter of the speech.
Multilingual Interpreters.
Are you looking for professional, reliable and friendly interpreters in over 100 languages including Asian, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and European languages? Contact Law Exchange Ltd.

Call us now on 020 8997 6612
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